Sunday, May 15, 2011

Splinter Cell Movie

Splinter Cell MovieSounds like Ubi Soft Motion Pictures, the recently launched film and TV production branch of the French video game publisher, is determined to bring Splinter Cell to the big screen. For those who don't know Splinter Cell, it's a series of 3D action-adventure stealth video games. The story focuses on Sam Fisher, a long-dormant secret agent who's called back to duty by the American National Security Agency, to work with a secret division dubbed "Third Echelon".

Before the creation of Ubi Soft Motion Pictures, Ubi Soft used to sell the movie rights to its games. But Ubi Soft's new policy aims at more control over its properties and to ensure that movies get really developed.

In 2004, Paramount Pictures hired Peter berg to helm a movie adaptation of Splinter Cell, but the project fell in limbo. Now that Ubi Soft is taking matters into its own hands, there's hope for the Splinter Cell movie to get back on track.

What actor do you think could play the lead role as secret agent Sam Fisher?

Anyway, more information about the Splinter Cell movie as soon as details emerge.